In order to cook a variety of delicious foods and make meal times fun it is important to have all the necessary tools and gadgets at home. You need all the baking equipment to bake that perfect chocolate cake. A set of paring knives, tongs, strainer, beater, chopper and all the other appliances are essential to help you save time as you cook at home. It can be really challenging to fit on all your kitchen accessories if you have a small kitchen. Here are some ways you can organize your kitchen accessories perfectly in your small kitchen.

branded kitchen accessories
  • Put up a pegboard: –

Hanging a pegboard on your wall can solve your space issues miraculously. You can hand smaller items like paring knives, grater and zester quite conveniently on the board. Even bigger essentials like bulky pots and pans can also be put on pegboard. A small flower pot shall add to the beauty of your kitchen wall.

  • Make use of basket drawer: –

Tiered basket drawers that allow you to stack your stuff are a great idea to manage space effectively. You not only manage space but save time as well through a stackable, tiered basket drawer. You would exactly know where to spot your peanut butter jar or box of cereal ensuring you do not run late for work.  

  • Hanging baskets not only increase space utilization but also make your kitchen look fancy: –

A hanging basket is a great idea to store your room temperature friendly fruits and vegetables. Especially if you tend to forget to eat your fruits, a hanging basket would also serve as a reminder to eat your fruits before they turn stale.

  • Do not leave the cabinets tops unutilized: –

Cabinet tops offer a lot of unutilized space. You can stack your cutlery that is seldom used in these spaces. For instance your fancy platters and even the extra pantry items all can be stored on the cabinet tops in some appealing baskets that do not hamper the beauty of your kitchen.

  • A set of folding table and chairs is a great idea: –

Kitchen table and chairs consume a lot of space. A folding table hanging from a wall or a window is a great way to utilize your small kitchen’s space effectively. You can let it out only when you need it, letting it stick into its place nicely the rest of time. Likewise foldable chairs are also a great way to save space.

  • Utilize the door for storage: –

You have no idea how incredibly useful your door can be! By attaching racks to the inside of your kitchen door you can store canned foods, spices, sauces and everything that can stay fresh at room temperature. You will be very proud of yourself by utilizing little spaces such as these.

  • Hanging racks multiply the space: –

Hanging racks are extremely handy in kitchen. From coffee mugs to paring knives and cooking pots to frying pans you can hang anything on racks. You can fit racks on walls, windows or cabinets. Make sure you organize stuff so that most often things are easily accessible.

  • Look for storage in the backsplash: –

You can avail backsplash as well to manage your kitchen accessories. Attach a rail on it and organize your stuff. A narrow shelf would also be a great idea for spacing. You can also hang a magnetic knife block where your paring knives can stick.

Hence the trick is not to leave even the smallest space unutilized in order to perfectly organize your kitchen accessories in a small kitchen.

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