Job Search: Tips and Challenges Faced During the Process

Job Search

Do you know why the job search is the biggest stress of our lives? Finding a job is never going to be an easy task. It requires months to get the desired job as finding a relevant skilled and industry job takes a bit of time. At times, a job seeker may fall into a stressed situation if he is not getting any positive remarks from recruiters.

Finding a job is not only a matter of concern. A candidate also needs to analyze various factors such as the financial position of the company, payroll structure of a company, are the employees given empowerment, what are the benefits, and so on so forth. Surely, there is a big mess moving around during this process. In this article, we will be discussing a few tips and challenges faced in the process of a job search.


The following are some useful job search tips:


Once you are planning to dive into a job market, your foremost duty should be to create a LinkedIn account. LinkedIn is a platform that connects job seekers with recruiters. You would be shocked to know that more than 50% of HR personnel use LinkedIn to hire the desired employee. As a professional, you cannot underestimate this platform. Numerous job seekers have got some high reputable jobs via LinkedIn.


You should know your professional goals before contacting any recruiters. If you are a finance student, then your goal should be to search for a job at the Banks or relevant financial organizations. Later on, you should then plan accordingly to grow in the same field. But, lots of job seekers try to switch to another field in just a month when they do not get any positive response. We should know that job seeking is a time-consuming process. Switching the industry in just a month won’t be a smart idea.


The resume is the first thing a recruiter will see, even before conducting an interview. Therefore, a resume should be written professionally. It is a famous quote that a first impression matters a lot. This theory also counts in job-seeking as well. A well-written resume is a tool to impress recruiters. There are numerous resume writing service providers in the market that help job seekers in writing a professional resume in case if a candidate feels difficulty in resume writing.


The following are the challenges that are often faced by job seekers:


In this fast-moving world, job seekers can find numerous platforms to find a job. One can send a resume via LinkedIn, company websites, and job boards. At times, a job seeker also visits a job fair, search relevant jobs at the newspaper, forward the resume to recruiting agencies, etc. All these activities can disturb the mind and introduce depression. A candidate does not know which platform is better and where to fully focus on. Consequently, this may take a lot of time to get the desired job.


In most cases, there are lengthy hiring processes that can annoy a job seeker. Once a candidate finds out desired job availability then he has to go through several stages to meet a recruiter. Few companies want job seekers to fill a long-form on their website. Then a recruiter contacts a candidate after several months. Sometimes the situation gets more frustrated when recruiters arrange more than two interviews. All these long procedures can mentally disturb a candidate.


Many recruiters do not even update an interview result, once a candidate has gone through all the procedures from form filling till the last phase i.e. the interview. Ethically, a recruiter should respond to a candidate regarding an interview via email, even if he is not selected. Furthermore, a recruiter should also provide feedback to a candidate on email so that he can work on the weaknesses.  

The above-mentioned tips and challenges should be taken into consideration during the job process. The tips would be useful in getting well-reputable jobs in your industry. Additionally, the challenges would make you stronger and increase the ability to face hardships in the future. Surely, each candidate faces difficulties in their job search process. It is up to a person how he manages things effectively.

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