10 Cute Valentine Days Outfits With Denim Jackets

You might not be a huge fan of Valentine’s Day. However, it is still a good excuse to have some fun with your loved ones. Wearing outfits with the traditional heart and flower patterns is common enough. But if you are not fond of that vibe then it’s only fair to have other choices too. We have a good range of both vibrant and subtle outfits for you to indulge in.

Choose from our list of elegant dresses for yourself or to give away as Valentine’s Day gifts. Simple and trendy is the aesthetic we are going for here, so you can wear them within any setting. Regardless of the nature of the plans these dressed will make you feel comfortable and stylish at the same time. Therefore, without further ado, go ahead and scroll through the list for the best V-day outfits.

  • A Bit of Sparkle

Big glittering sequins can get too overwhelming and are best suited for some nightclub glam. Subtle sparkles though will lend the perfect amount of magic you need to brighten up Valentine’s outfit. An off-shoulder, deep red dress will look most elegant for an evening dinner date. Pair it with heels and minimalist jewelry for graceful touches. Top it off with a Wilsons Denim jacket so you can stay snug and comfortable when outside. 

  • Flaunt the Fur

A heavy winter coat can give you an unflattering silhouette. Furry layers on the other hand will keep you warm yet trendy. Of course, we are talking about faux fur. A light candy pink fur jacket will look perfectly adorable as daytime wear. Wear a white dress or blouse underneath to enhance the pastel aesthetic. A feminine and fun outfit to wear for a day out with friends or your significant other.

  • Tone Down the Reds

Yes, it is a holiday where you see brilliant crimson everywhere. Isn’t that the perfect reason to stay away from that exact shade? The fantastic thing about colors though is that you can still stay on a theme by using relevant shades. Rather than creating an overly red look, go for neutral pops of color. Wear a simple red silk camisole with black pants. Layer it with a blue or any dark shaded denim jacket to fight away the chill.

  • Get Some Swanky Sweaters

You can never go wrong with sweaters. They are relaxing to wear and are suitable for all occasions. But for a special Valentine’s day look it is better to stay away from a heavy knit bulky outline. Instead choose a burgundy sweater dress with a delicate weave that is smooth and sleek. The best thing about it is that only a few elegant pieces of jewelry and boots are needed to accessorize.

  • Be Bold with Pink and Red

If you want to go vibrant for Valentine’s Day, you can definitely do that. But do not go for a red over red outfit. It can be too hot to handle unless you are going to a party with that particular dress code. A fitted pink top with a red denim jacket will be the perfect combination. Dark wide-legged pants and platform heels will look super fun and stylish to wear with it.

  • Denims with Silk

Now denims are certainly a staple in every closet. But for Valentine’s Day stay away from the t-shirt underneath denims jacket vibe. For an effortless statement look layer your denim with a vintage lace or silk slip. Accessorize with earrings and strappy sandals or boots. This outfit will be a blend of cool and casual with romantic on the side.

  • Skirts and Sequins

With only the slightest touches skirts can turn from casual to formal or vice versa. If you are up for something bright and stunning, then a sequined skirt will do the trick for you. Top with a white tank and a pair of strappy black sandals. A denim bomber jacket can be slung over it to complete the look.

  • Bright Yet Comfortable

If you want to look confident in a dress, then make sure it is comfortable. A bright long-sleeved blouse with a mid-length skirt will keep you prepared for both fun and work.

  • Floral Pants vs Dress

Why not switch it up a bit and wear floral pants instead of a dress! A little black top with a cropped denim jacket will finish off the look. Or a light pink long-sleeved shirt will be just right to channel V-Day vibes.

  •  Wrap it Up

Wrap dresses are feminine and easy to wear. They make you feel ultra-lady-like and are fuss-free. And you can wear it whether you are going to a formal dinner or a casual outing. With a matching pair of heels, you will be ready to strut out in town.                       

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