3 Unusual Ways We Can Tap Into Our Psychic Abilities

If you’re particularly intuitive or think you could be psychic, you’ll find all sorts of tips for tuning into your power. For those who aren’t quite sure they believe in their psychic ability, though, many of these can come as a challenge. If you don’t wholly believe in the power of your intuition, it will be a challenge for you to make out auras or believe that your premonitions are anything more than coincidental synchronicity. So before you dive into astral projection or gaze into a crystal ball, you should ease yourself into spirituality in a different way, bridging the gap between the mystic and the mundane. 

Hit the books. 


You most likely weren’t expecting study sessions when you started wondering whether you might have psychic abilities. Yet, to get the most out of these subtle gut feelings, you need to do some research. For instance, what sort of psychic power do you think you might have? Do you believe you see things before they happen? You would want to learn more about being clairvoyant. If you seem to know something you shouldn’t or hearing what you shouldn’t, you’d look to claircognizance or clairaudience. By studying the psychic ability you potentially have (and even those you might not yet recognize), you’ll be better prepared to embrace your inner psychic—and all it took was a bit of light reading! 

Experiment a little. 


Once you’ve determined what sort of psychic you might be, you can start to experiment with your abilities. You’ll find it’s easiest to do so if you explore in a physical sense, too. Some new psychics might turn to alcohol or marijuana. Others will prefer to clear their mind without the high, turning to THC-free CBD instead. A resource like Bloom & Oil can help you find the right CBD or another type of cannabinoid for the calm you’re seeking. Like any natural supplement, though, be sure to consult your doctor before trying CBD to ensure you’re aware of any side effects or interactions you might face. Then, you can safely explore your spiritual side.

Start a bullet journal. 


You might expect to do automatic writing as you explore your psychic powers, or maybe do some self-exploration in a stream of consciousness journal. You might be surprised to learn that one of the best tools at your disposal is a far more analytical one. Consider starting a bullet journal or downloading a digital habit tracker to keep track of your premonitions and other psychic experiences. If you use CBD oil and suddenly know something you shouldn’t, write that down. If you have a dream that seems a little too real, make a note of it. Whether you’re sensing a person’s energy or having an out-of-body experience, tracking these instances is a vital part of tapping into your abilities. Before you can draw upon psychic powers, you have to have a firm idea of what you’re drawing from and how you’ll feel the next time it occurs. 

To hone your psychic ability, you might expect to call to the divine or practice mind-reading. For the most success, though, you should look for a more ordinary first step. Whether you’re opening yourself up to spirituality with CBD or scribbling down notes on telekinesis, you just might find that these everyday habits lead to you uncovering incredible psychic powers. Especially as a beginner, you don’t have to dive into chakra studies or try your hand at telepathy. Instead, you can focus on certain sensations and experiences, learning everything you can about your power before tiptoeing into the shallows of the ocean that is psychic gifts. It won’t be long before you feel ready to dive in. 

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