3 Ways To Surround Yourself With Elegance

There’s a reason that Audrey Hepburn adorns so many dorm room walls, and Princess Diana is an icon years after her untimely death—people embrace all things elegant. In the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life, though, it can seem like elegance is an impossible ideal. After all, who has time for pearls when you barely get out of bed early enough to brush your hair and swipe on a bit of mascara? Nevertheless, there are ways you can surround yourself with elegance in your everyday life—no royalty or Hollywood glamour required. 

Adorn yourself with elegant accessories. 


Jewellery and other accessories are crucial pieces in an elegant person’s wardrobe. A simple strand of pearls or a luxury watch can be enough to transform even a simple look into something more refined. You don’t need to head directly to the Tiffany or Rolex websites to make this happen, though. First, take some time to browse your existing jewellery and accessories. Do you have any pieces in your collection already that can add a touch of class to your look? If not, no need to fear—you’ll find plenty of high-quality pre-owned or otherwise discounted watches and accessories online. To find them, simply search for shops where you can buy automatic luxury watches or your accessory of choice. With one glance at the Rolex, Patek Philippe, or Audemars Piguet on your wrist, any onlooker will instantly realise that the wearer of such a watch must be just as elegant as their luxury piece is. 

Exist in an elegant environment. 


As vital as it is to find elegant accessories to adorn your body, you could argue that this is even more essential in your home. You can’t always control the other spaces you move through, like your office building, grocery store, or doctor’s office, but you can control your home and the elegance—or lack thereof—it offers. It doesn’t take a lot to upgrade to a sophisticated space, either. For instance, you can make your kitchen look elegant with something as simple as a fresh coat of paint! Splurge on some new cabinets and hardware as well, and your dinnertime decor will take sophistication to a whole new level. Then, of course, you can apply the same principle to areas beyond your kitchen design. Aim for affluent aesthetics in every room of your house, and you’ll feel as though you’re gracefully gliding across a ballroom while draped in diamonds, even if you’re heading to the restroom in that oversized t-shirt you wear as pajamas.

Become a genuinely elegant person.


Your home and attire are now more elegant, but these efforts will be for nothing if you’re not extending them into your sense of self as well. Search for or create a list of ways to be an elegant person, then begin implementing them in your lifestyle day by day. A 30-day challenge, for instance, is a great way to kickstart this change. One day, you might give an especially generous tip, while the next, you focus on a subtle natural makeup look. You can use a predetermined list of ideas or create your own based on your preconceived notions of what elegance truly means. Either way, you’ll be making your life and yourself a bit classier each day. 

Of course, there are far more ways you can add a refined touch to your life, surrounding yourself with elegant opulence from the glistening light fixtures to your clutter-free floors. However, by embarking on a classy kitchen renovation, adding a touch of glamour to your wrist or neckline, and working on the most fashionable of manners, you’ll be well on your way to becoming an elegant person and leading a life of elegance. 

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