Jewellery Staples That You Should Have in Your Collection

Jewellery is a key part of any wardrobe and no two people will have an identical collection. After all, each piece you purchase or otherwise receive is chosen with a particular purpose, representing who you are, the people you’ve connected with, and other such qualities. Even so, there are a few particular pieces of jewellery that you’ll find to be almost universal in their appeal. These staples are an absolute must for any closet, and are certainly worth investing in if you haven’t already.

Initials or Monograms


Think that sporting an initial necklace will make you seem self-centred? Think again! An initial or monogram necklace is a classic addition to any jewellery lover‘s collection, drawing upon centuries of historical precedent. Modern monogram or initial necklaces, though, don’t always identify their wearer. Instead, many turn to these necklaces as a sentimental feature, helping them feel closer to a loved one. So, when it comes time for you to shop initial necklaces, take a moment to ask yourself—would you rather feature your own name on an initial pendant or opt for a loved one’s monogram?



Pearls are an unquestioned classic, but they don’t have to be the same style you’ve always seen on TV or in your mother’s jewellery box. You can find pearl necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more to match nearly any personal style. Choose a necklace with pearl accents, as opposed to the traditional strand, or look for options that treat pearls as a pendant. You’ll even find a variety of styles that use pearls in shapes besides the classic sphere, adding another layer of dimension to your look of choice.

Silver Studs


A pair of silver studs are a simple yet impactful piece for nearly any outfit. They’re so simple that, in some cases, they might seem unnecessary, save for the discomfort you might feel in suddenly letting your ears go “naked.” Yet, to some degree, this straightforward addition is enough to make any outfit seem instantly more put together. You can even take advantage of these without pierced ears—there are plenty of options for clip-on earrings in this style, too.

Tennis Bracelet


Formerly known as an eternity bracelet, tennis bracelets got their name after tennis star Chris Evert wore hers during matches—even stopping the US Open to find a piece that had fallen off when its clasp broke. Today, these are a quintessential part of your collection, sparkling with class and widespread appeal. And, while you’ll find plenty of these big-ticket bracelets from brands like Tiffany & Co., you’ll find there are just as many more affordable options available that give you the same level of fashionable glimmer.

Statement Ring


If you haven’t worn a statement piece, you’re missing out on a whole new world of beautiful jewellery. Rings, in particular, offer a key way for wearers to highlight an aspect of themselves, be it with a cherished signet or a substantial gemstone. A statement ring will instantly turn heads, adding a pop of colour or personality to even the most subtle of outfits.

Your jewellery collection should reflect you and your unique personality, but it won’t hurt to include some classic staples in the process. From pearls and diamonds to signets and initial necklaces, there’s a classic option—or a few—that are perfect for you. And, perhaps most importantly, there’s even room without these must-have staples to choose pieces that truly speak to you. The colour of your favourite statement ring, the meaning behind your initial pendant, or even the style of pearls you choose can all tell the world something about you. In the process, you’ll know that you’re staying perfectly fashionable, too.

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