Tips for Redecorating Your Team’s Workspace

The modern-day office has seen a number of changes in recent years. Many companies now include ergonomic desks and chairs. However, there’s still a lot left in ensuring employee well-being at the workplace. Generally, the conclusiveness of a workspace has a lot of productivity benefits. Factors such as noise and temperature levels can affect a workforce’s performance significantly. If you want to redecorate your team’s workspace, here are some tips to consider.

Think about the air quality.


Redecorating your office might just be the best time to subject your HVAC system to preventive ductless mini-split maintenance. The air quality and temperature controlling ability of work-spaces constantly need attention. No matter how nice a workspace is, if it’s poorly ventilated, your team might have problems.

Getting a technician to check your duct and filter for mold and other particles can be helpful. Alternatively, you can opt for a cust HVAC unit. Balance in fresh air delivery and an efficient cooling system are all benefits your workplace can enjoy from customising the HVAC.

Always choose the right furniture.

When redecorating your workspace, the furniture can be one of the most critical areas to look at. Office furniture usually takes more space than any other element. Your workspace’s furniture can affect your team in several ways. For instance, the arrangement of your desks, to a large extent, determines how team members move about.

Some studies have also established the relationship between poorly designed office furniture and employee backaches and spine issues. Generally, it pays to make healthy furniture choices. However, if you’re on a budget, you can purchase various equipment that staff can use on rotation. In this instance, equipment booking software where you can record all details of equipment will come in handy. Staff can then book as and when needed.

Focus on good lighting.


The benefit of having the proper lighting at your workplace can’t be understated. Before you have a go at your lighting in your redecorating quest, assess your workplace’s lighting needs. Are your bulbs limited in distributing light? Will you have to consider big windows to bring in natural light? All these are areas you may need to clarify before going shopping for new workplace lights.

Add bright colors to enhance mood.

Choosing the right colors for your business matter. The type of colors and how you apply them in decorating your workspace have endless benefits for your team. It can enhance their mood and will ultimately lead to significant improvements in productivity.

When redecorating your office, ensure to opt for a colour scheme that resonates well with your team. You can incorporate your brand colours for a purposeful yet stylish workspace look. Theming your workspace with a colour scheme also helps to keep the look coordinated.

Add plants in every room.


Today, many businesses are adopting green workspaces. Plants can freshen indoor air in your workspace. For your team members, office plants can also reduce stress levels and enhance creativity. However, plants may require routine maintenance. Caring for your workplace plants can be less daunting if all team members have their hands in it. A green culture is much easier to sustain if team members are well informed and sensitised on plant care habits.

Have a designated break room for relaxation.

If your workspace was an all-work never-rest environment, you could consider relaxing spaces in your redecorating project. Studies show that taking breaks at the office can boost the productivity and overall well being of your workforce. And this has become crucial in our world today, where burnouts and mental health statistics are on the rise. All in all, giving your team a nirvana of a workspace with your redecorating efforts can never be a miss.

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