Restoring Classic Autos with Aluminum Car Radiators to Fishing: 4 Activities that Fathers can do with their Adult Sons

We all remember those fond memories when we were kids, and the person we looked up to the most, the person aht we thought was invincible, was our dad. But even though boys grow up, and fathers get older, doesn’t mean that the bonding has to stop. However, finding things to do in common can be challenging, as older dads will have less energy, and grown sons will likely have a family of their own and their time to spend elsewhere is slim. That said, here are four activities that fathers can do with their older sons that don’t require a lot of energy or time.

  1. Restore Classics with Auto Parts Like an Aluminum Car Radiator

Restoring classic cars is fun, requires little physical energy, and is a time-honored tradition between fathers and sons of all ages. Dads love to go find a car they had in their youth (like a 50s Chevy) and work with their son to restore it, while talking about old family memories. Utilizing current auto parts to make the car run better is also a lot of fun. For example, using a new aluminum car radiator over a brass model will make the car lighter, drive faster, and it will enable the car to cool more quickly while eliminating the risk of overheating. Companies like Champion Radiators offers the best aluminum car radiators for all makes and models, and have been assisting auto hobbyists for decades. 

  1. Fly Fishing Trips Offer Bonding Experiences

Deep sea fishing requires a lot of work. Trying to reel in a yellowfin tuna feels like you are trying to raise up a Honda Accord from the bottom of the ocean. Though it is exciting, this may not be ideal conditions for older people. Instead, consider taking dad on a fly fishing vacation. The equipment is lightweight, the conditions are calm, and you won’t have to reel up some big monsters while your forearms and biceps are on fire. Some of the best locations for fly fishing in America include central Pennsylvania, southwest and northern Montana, Wyoming’s North Platte River, and the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Plan your trip, reserve your fishing gear, and book a cabin to have a great father and son vacation, and to start a new hobby you can both love.

  1. Model Crafts

Remote Control airplanes and boats aren’t just for kids; today’s models go really fast, and they are mechanical works of art. Model airplane flying has grown in popularity with adult men, and this could be a great activity for grown sons and their fathers to do together. Check to see if there is a model airplane park with a runway near you, and visit a hobbyist shop to find a good set of model airplanes that are ideal for beginners, but advanced enough for you to not outgrow too quickly.

  1. Cooking

Surely you cook the fish you catch, so why not make food a hobby you can enjoy with your dad. Smoke your own fish, make beef jerky, enter a chili contest, or get into barbeque. Food is a great way to bring two people together, and the culinary arts enables people to be creative, daring, and expressive.


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